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Bug Out Bags & Survival Gear

A Bug Out Bag is basically a huge survival kit, which contains all the items you would need to survive a catastrophe or natural disaster. For those who are new to the survivalist way, compiling the items to create your Bug Out Bag may seem like a daunting task. We intend to give you the basics; the essentials you will need to survive the zombie apocalypse. By doing so, we intend to make sure you, the zombie survivalist, is in a much better position than others who find themselves in the land of the walking dead. Experts say that your Bug [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan

5 Ways To Avoid Being Infected By The Zombie Virus

  Preparing for the living dead is critical 1. PREPARATION IS KEY The more prepared you are now for the coming zombie apocalypse, the better your chances of not only surviving the harsh environment and becoming a self-sustained survivalist, but escaping becoming that which we fight. The more prepared you are now will determine how many risks you'll need to take to obtain ideal shelter, food and weapons. important decision when killing zombies 2. INTELLIGENT DECISION-MAKING Every decision you make in the zombie apocalypse is an important one. From where and when to stop when traveling, to [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan

The Best and Worst Dogs for the Zombie Apocalypse

One aspect of preparing for the coming Apocalypse that isn't often considered is how man's best friend fits in. As you would expect some dog breeds are better and some are worse in terms of zombie apocalypse preparedness. There are a number of aspects that should be considered including size, approachability, intelligence and herding instincts. Here is what to consider with these traits: Size - Zombies are on average 5' 9" for males and 5'4" for females and they are not flexible so they cannot bend down to scratch smaller breeds. For this reason it is ideal to have a dog [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan
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Cotord’s Syndrome: The Living Walking With The Dead

Another danger to be aware of when the zombie apocalypse is among us is Cortord’s Syndrome. This mental illness has the patient believing that they are, in fact, the walking dead. More severe symptoms of this condition might include rubbing themselves with rotting flesh (attempting to mask their scent) and/or attempting to join a zombie horde as one of them. Linked to Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, Cortord’s Syndrome stems from an inability to cope with this new world. In a world where death is almost inescapable and you are forced to make decisions that you would have never been faced with [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan
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10 Myths About Zombies

It should be of no surprise why there are so many misconceptions about zombies. It seems that there’s an infinite number of zombie variations, all with different explanations for the cause of a zombie infestation to what a zombie is actually capable of. That said, these variations may lead you to believe or assume certain things about zombies that are not true. For the sake of your survival, 401AK47 has prepared a list of these falsities that would have, no doubt, gotten you killed, or worse. Myth #1: They're just into you for your brains. This myth probably had its first [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan
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Know Your Enemy: Understanding Zombies

Know your enemy. Know their nature. Understand their strengths and their weaknesses, their effectiveness and their vulnerabilities. Know yourself, and train yourself to overcome your own weaknesses. Sympathy or hesitation has no place in the fight against zombies. Don't waste your time thinking about what they once were. They're not human anymore. They are not fickle in their objective; they have but one. A zombie commits 100% to their objective and will not stop, no matter what. Feeding on you is the only goal they have. You are their next meal, and their hunger is insatiable. A zombie's strength lies in [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan