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Bug Out Bags & Survival Gear

A Bug Out Bag is basically a huge survival kit, which contains all the items you would need to survive a catastrophe or natural disaster. For those who are new to the survivalist way, compiling the items to create your Bug Out Bag may seem like a daunting task. We intend to give you the basics; the essentials you will need to survive the zombie apocalypse. By doing so, we intend to make sure you, the zombie survivalist, is in a much better position than others who find themselves in the land of the walking dead. Experts say that your Bug [...]

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5 Ways To Avoid Being Infected By The Zombie Virus

  Preparing for the living dead is critical 1. PREPARATION IS KEY The more prepared you are now for the coming zombie apocalypse, the better your chances of not only surviving the harsh environment and becoming a self-sustained survivalist, but escaping becoming that which we fight. The more prepared you are now will determine how many risks you'll need to take to obtain ideal shelter, food and weapons. important decision when killing zombies 2. INTELLIGENT DECISION-MAKING Every decision you make in the zombie apocalypse is an important one. From where and when to stop when traveling, to [...]

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Sexy Zombies / Celebrity Zombies

NOTE: Most likely, the concept of sexy zombies started with the movie 'Zombie Strippers'. Of course, there's the humor aspect of sexy zombies...then there's the preparedness angle, though most survivalists wouldn't consider sexy zombies a tangible threat. So please take the below 'sexy zombies' and general concept, for what they are...   Newsflash, men get distracted by sexy women! Studies show that men become slower and less accurate when faced with a beautiful woman – live or dead. We’ve all encountered momentary loss of speech and thought processes when it comes to the opposite sex. Fine specimens of the human form [...]

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Cotord’s Syndrome: The Living Walking With The Dead

Another danger to be aware of when the zombie apocalypse is among us is Cortord’s Syndrome. This mental illness has the patient believing that they are, in fact, the walking dead. More severe symptoms of this condition might include rubbing themselves with rotting flesh (attempting to mask their scent) and/or attempting to join a zombie horde as one of them. Linked to Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, Cortord’s Syndrome stems from an inability to cope with this new world. In a world where death is almost inescapable and you are forced to make decisions that you would have never been faced with [...]

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10 Myths About Zombies

It should be of no surprise why there are so many misconceptions about zombies. It seems that there’s an infinite number of zombie variations, all with different explanations for the cause of a zombie infestation to what a zombie is actually capable of. That said, these variations may lead you to believe or assume certain things about zombies that are not true. For the sake of your survival, 401AK47 has prepared a list of these falsities that would have, no doubt, gotten you killed, or worse. Myth #1: They're just into you for your brains. This myth probably had its first [...]

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Zombie Apocalypse

What is the Zombie Apocalypse? The Z-Apocalypse is the state of the world as it is overrun by zombies. As the infection of the zombie virus spreads, it becomes a plague of the likes we have never seen. From Patient 0, it is estimated that it will take anywhere from 4 to 7 months before the undead outnumber the living. For the months to follow, it will be a daily fight for survival as the undead continue to gain in numbers. Decay does not come fast enough. Seasons are looked upon not as a gauge for what shoes you might wear [...]

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