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List of best long range weapons for killing zombies in in the zombie apocalypse. Zombie long range weapons, long range weapons to use against zombies, long range weapons in a zombie apocalypse.

Top 5 Long Range Weapons for Killing Zombies

The information below has been collected by Zombie Slayer Special Forces and hardcore zombie survivalists from across the world. To identify and familiarize yourself with a variety of long range weapons and more specifically, rifles, one must also become familiar with that weapon's inherant traits. These traits include weapon characteristics, availability, versatility, ergonomics, and ammunition availability. Now imagine the zombie apocalypse is upon us, and consider these variables: Those around you are dying and reanimating from MAD flu / zombie flu exposure. Survivalists and every day citizens everywhere are arming themselves in panic. More deaths are occurring due to inexperience with [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan
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The AK-47: A Brief History & Evolution of the AK Variants

The AK-47, arguably the most iconic assault rifle, with it's distinctive curve of the Kalashnikov magazine, made its first appearance as far back as World War II. In fact, the 47 in it's name indicates the year of it's invention. The A stands for the Russian avtomat or automatic, and the K represents the last name of the inventor; Lieutenant General Mikhail Kalashnikov (Kalishnikov was only 22 years old when he and his team invented the AK-47). For decades, the AK-47 has played a role in history. Officially accepted by the Soviet Armed Forces and used by the majority of the [...]

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