5 Ways To Avoid Infection

/5 Ways To Avoid Infection

5 Ways To Avoid A Zombie Virus Infection, don’t get bit by a zombie, avoid being infected by a zombie, don’t become a zombie

5 Ways To Avoid Being Infected By The Zombie Virus

  Preparing for the living dead is critical 1. PREPARATION IS KEY The more prepared you are now for the coming zombie apocalypse, the better your chances of not only surviving the harsh environment and becoming a self-sustained survivalist, but escaping becoming that which we fight. The more prepared you are now will determine how many risks you'll need to take to obtain ideal shelter, food and weapons. important decision when killing zombies 2. INTELLIGENT DECISION-MAKING Every decision you make in the zombie apocalypse is an important one. From where and when to stop when traveling, to [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan