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Bath Salt Zombie News: Richard Cimino Jr.’s Head-Gnawing Attack on Woman

The latest case of 'alleged' bath salt use once again ending in violence and cannibalism. This latest case in Pennsylvania, is just as strange a case as any. Naked and hungry, Richard Cimino Jr. broke into a home, having stripped off all of his clothes prior, continued upstairs only to jump out of the second story window. Bloody and injured, he immediately began pursuing two women. Tackling one, Richard Cimino Jr. began gnawing on her head, all the while screaming like a wild animal. The Times Tribune Reports: Authorities suspect the Doylestown man who allegedly gnawed on a woman's head in [...]

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Deadlight: New Zombie Video Game

Complete with zombies and intense visuals, Deadlight ($20) is a zombie apocalypse quest set in mid 80's Seattle. You play as Randall, a man who has been seperated from his family just as an infectious virus is spreading throughout the world. The infected undead, or "shadows" as they're called in this case are the result of this virus. Check out the Deadlight Trailer:

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Play Dead: Dogs vs. Zombies Short Film

Play Dead is an 18 minute short film by Kickstarter about...well, dogs vs. zombies. Based on the title of the film, you may not take it too seriously...but it's worth a watch. It may sound strange, but this short film does such a good job of portraying such a wide array of emotions (with plenty of gore) in a matter of minutes. Watch Play Dead here: Play Dead (2012) FULL MOVIE from Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes on Vimeo.

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Zombie Weapons from Mark

Pictured: GSG-5 .22 lr Assault Rifle A .22 lr is a great choice for the zombie apocalypse (due to the abudancy of the round and accuracy of the weapons), escpecially if it's the GSG-5. Designed from the ground up to be similar to the MP5 (same controls and similar appearance), the GSG-5 .22lr is an affordable alternative to the larger round weapons that we all love, with marksman accuracy.

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The Walking Dead Zombies Are Coming to Universal Studios

It's official. Terror Tram: Invaded By The Walking Dead is going to be Universal Studios' new attraction! I'm personally excited about this. I've been to Knott's Scary Farm soley to check out their zombie walk through. Needless to say, I was not impressed. The only cool part was the zombie in the first room, who actually took the time to act out the role properly. Every other zombie encounter was typical of 99.9% of the encounters at Knott's Scary Farm...lame. The new Universal Studios attraction with The Walking Dead zombies has potencial to blow Knott's out of the water. Check it [...]

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