Zombie Weapons From Tim

//Zombie Weapons From Tim

Zombie Weapons From Tim

Pictured: SKS / Dragonov setup accompanied by Glock 19 .40 cal ACP…set up to make the 401AK47 logo!
Just bailed out of my 401K to invest all my efforts toward the 401AK47 zombie survival plan!!! What good is money in the zombie apocalypse? Ammo is the new currency!

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  1. admin May 26, 2011 at 11:32 am

    No doubt we have the best investment plan out there…invest all your money and time into learning how and with what to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse, and we can guarantee a match in that time (your continued survival when it all goes down) and appropriate currency (ammo) in return for your dedication to your own survival! It’s a win / win…win.

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