Zombie Weapons from Jesse

//Zombie Weapons from Jesse

Zombie Weapons from Jesse

Pictured: The G36C assault rifle:
Weighs 6.2 lbs,fires 5.56 rounds, 30-round curved magazines (the magazines are molded from a high-strength translucent polymer and can be clipped together using built-in coupling studs into 2 or 3-magazine packs allowing up to five magazines to be carried side-by-side on the rifle) or C-Mag drum magazines that have a 100-round cartridge capacity, and an unmagnified reflex red-dot sight.

This is one badass weapon!

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  1. Beatriz August 22, 2015 at 1:32 am

    I see both your points, but I don’t know if its a valid one.Yep spiclfecaily with an Enfield I’m a pretty fast shot with a bolt action, and I was making some fast range correction on the prairie dogs with a Tikka T3.I shoot sporting clays with a pump gun, and I’m just as quick with that as an auto-loader.And I’m as good with a revolver as I am with a pistol.Still those who are honest-to-god Hoplophobes, that’s the reason to ban those, and maybe ALL guns.Frankly if people want to be terrified of 10-shot auto-loaders, good, let them call for a ban.It would be overplaying their hand. Remember Dianne Fienstine’s new AWB bill is NOTHING but good for us. It shows they ARE coming for our guns, and that they can’t and we shouldn’t be willing to be reasoned with.

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