Zombie Virus via Rabies-Flu Hybrid

//Zombie Virus via Rabies-Flu Hybrid

Zombie Virus via Rabies-Flu Hybrid

Ker Than, of National Geographic News, reports that a genetic tweak, though highly improbable, could create a mutant rabies virus.

Referencing such well known zombie movies as 28 Days Later and I Am Legend , Ker
explains that certain viruses can, in fact, induce the aggressive, zombie-like behavior, displayed in these movies.

This only strengthens our argument at 401AK47, where we have likened the possible zombie virus, which we call The MAD Flu, to a mutated rabies virus as well. Ker reports that
rabies – “a viral disease that infects the central nervous system—can drive people to be violently mad, according to Samita Andreansky, a virologist at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine in Florida…”

He goes on to say that if one were to “Combine rabies with the ability of a flu virus to spread quickly through the air…you might have the makings of a zombie apocalypse.” Viruses generally have high mutations rates – some being copying mistakes during gene replication, but mostly “as a means of evading or bypassing the defenses of their hosts.”

rabies dog








A dog stricken with paralysis during late-stage rabies.
Photograph courtesy Barbara Andrews, CDC

See the full National Geographic story here

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