Welcome To 401AK47.com

//Welcome To 401AK47.com

Welcome To 401AK47.com

Here at 401AK47.com, we intend to give you the necessary information for planning and surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

401AK47 means to throw away the old sense of the word, investment. We take the obsolete idea of a 401K retirement plan and modernize it with a true sense of preparation and security.

Our name, 401AK47, as it is a symbol of preparation, does not necessarily mean that this particular choice in protection (the AK47), is the optimal go-to in every zombie attack scenario, but a symbol of defense, security and action (one must always consider range, location and comfort level – what weapon, given the previous variables, you feel most comfortable defending yourself and your group with).

You can never be too prepared! Take what you learn here and take the necessary steps to survive. It is because of you, the survivalist, that humanity has any hope of a future that is beyond the zombie uprising.

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