Thinking Velociraptor: If a Vampire Bites A Zombie…

//Thinking Velociraptor: If a Vampire Bites A Zombie…

Thinking Velociraptor: If a Vampire Bites A Zombie…


The Philosoraptor brings up a good question. Personally, I think it depends on the freshness of the zombie. If the zombie has fluids…the vamp may become a zombie, or at the very least a hybrid! That’s a scary thought. If the vampire bites a fluidless zombie, however, my bet is that nothing will happen.

What do you think?

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  1. Revonoc July 20, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Well lets think about it this way. If a vampire feeds from a hooker with AIDS, what happens? Nothing. It is likely that nothing would happen to the vampire at all. In what vampire movie or story have you ever heard that vampires can contract a virus? Thats right folks, none. On the other hand, vampirism has mostly been thought of as a mystical transformation, not a disease or virus. In that case the zombie may become a hybrid zombie-vampire, or the mystical power that keeps a vampire young, regenerates them, blocks disease and so on, could win over and destroy the virus and regenerate the person who was the zombie, then the now vampire would cease to be a zombie and become a full on vampire. I happen to think that this would most likely be the case. Thanks.


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