The Google (Zombie) Panda Update: A Message From 401AK47

//The Google (Zombie) Panda Update: A Message From 401AK47

The Google (Zombie) Panda Update: A Message From 401AK47 has been severely affected by the new Google Panda update pushed out late last month. For those of you who aren’t in, or ocassionally dipping your big toe into, the geeky SEO world…

Google hired an engineer named Panda to enhance their search, specifically the machine learning scalability…which he did. Then, based on answers from a questionaire given to a group of people, he was able to use a predictive technology to determine how well a site should rank. It just so happens, that some of the questions asked to this group directly related to how safe and secure a site made the user feel. Well, that broad “logic” is now the new standard for how a website and its content is found when performing a Google search.

It seems like the whole philosophy behind how Google ranks sites now will all but abolish the true zombie prep web experience. Grit, gore, and weapons are a no-no…basically, if it’s a PG-13 site, it’s doomed.

I have a feeling that this new Google Panda search philosophy of “everything must look friendly” will hurt quite a few decent and dedicated sites who may act to serve a population other than their select majority.

Sure, I could tune the site to a more friendly “zombies were people, too” tune…but I couldn’t do it in good conscience. What’s the fun in that?

So, here’s to Google Panda serving everyone who are using their search engine for reasons other than retail and Hollywood gossip. Here’s to Google learning from their mistakes.

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Google Panda Zombie

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