Protective Clothing

//Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

You’re surrounded. Your only option is to barrel through. Time slows as the adrenalin pulses through your veins…as you search for holes. You can feel them grabbing at you, desperate for their next meal.

Then it happens. You can feel its teeth sink into your leg.

Face it – it was only a matter of time. It will happen – a zombie will surprise you, catch you off guard. The roaming undead are everywhere and there’s only one of you. Protective clothing WILL save your life.

Yakeda Tactical CS Field Vest Outdoor

Military Tactical Backpack

Tactical Gloves Military Rubber

Tactical Military Combat Long and Short Sleeve

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  1. andrew April 29, 2011 at 9:45 am

    as for protective clothing having a suit like this may be really good or it may be really bad i didnt do to much research into what this is made of or had on it but it looks like a standard BDU or ABU with a helmet and goggles and a option riot shield to buy. in my opinion not the best idea because bdu and abu’s are made out of semi weak material that could be bitten through or ruined easily. i would recommend for complete security a wait of hard leather boots that are reinforced with some sort of not easily ripped or bit through material. tuck ur pants into your boots to allow them to not catch on stuff while moving around. put a pair of chain mail pants on, and chain mail top guard with either chainmail gloves or some material thats hard to rip through. with a riot helmet and some goggles. the riotsheild would be nearly useless as what are u supossed to do with it? hit them? zombies dont feel pain so it may knock them down but they will be up really fast. maybe have a buddy with a big sheild to hit zombies while u shoot them like the battle madien technique, where a man would have a sword and the women would have a large sheild to block any people attacking so the man with a 2h sword could swing it around and hit people easily. enless its a solid bulletproof riot sheild then its nearly useless. better off going fully offence and geting a gun or melee weapon that can kill them easily.

    hopefully i didnt forget anything.

  2. Jordie May 24, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Shin guards. that is all.

  3. Timaman December 20, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Heres an Idea, instead of recommending equipment that only SWAT and counter terror teams can get their hands on, a little ingenuity? Take a hooded jacket (or hoody as we call them) and some duct tape. Put on the hoody and wrap the tape around the torso and arms (leaving gaps at joints for mobility. Humans cannot bite through 3 layers, so 5-6 should be enough for zombies. Tada! Lightweight, cheap, easy to get hold of and best of all its strong. This can be done to nearly any item of clothing. Paired with a pair of good boots, similarly taped trousers (or pants w/e I’m English) and gloves and you have a basic but brilliant set of protective gear. And none of this “riot kevlar army” crap. This is the zombie apocalypse, not Helmand Province. And if someone does come at you with gun, you have bigger problems.

    On a separate note, if I ever see someone carrying any form of Japanese sword/weapon I will take it off them and throw it into a wood chipper. Weapons like those take years of training to use, not a few hours worth of zombie movies.

  4. admin December 21, 2011 at 8:22 am

    Timaman, no doubt duct tape is an amazing solution to arming yourself against bites. In fact, it’s possibly the best thing since jalapeno pistachios. That said, there will be a real threat from infected and those not infected, alike. It can’t possibly be a bad idea to protect yourself against all possible threats. Also, you’ll notice on scroll over of any of the categories/rotations, that all items featured above are available on Amazon…to anyone who has access to the internet…not just SWAT and counter-terror teams.

    Love the comment – thanks for the contribution!

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