Rise of the MAD Flu: Day 8

Rise of the MAD Flu: Day 8

Last night, we hear this story…

“Emerald Elementary fell prey to MAD flu yesterday, as a student by the name of Robert Munez, diagnosed minutes before the attack, lashed out against the school nurse, Mrs. Monica.

Eustace Collins, the principal at Emerald Elementary, said this in regards to the attack, “She was a good, caring woman, putting others before anything else. To see her like that…torn to shreds like a victim of some wild animal…” he continues “how could a child…” he shakes his head “how could a child be capable of something so horrendous, so violent?”

The reporter continues, “Robert Munez is currently being detained in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. As stories like this rise throughout the nation, the MAD flu spreads beyond our borders. Shelly Winters has more on this.”

“Thank you Tina. Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, and Western Europe have all reported cases of the MAD flu. As the world is witnessing the worst epidemic since 1918, terrorist attacks are flooding London, Paris and Rome, with an attempted attack on New York.”

It turns out the flu vaccine was merely a means to keep the population docile and calm. The most disturbing news came later.

“An article written by a scientist for Center for Disease Control and Prevention has bridged the gap between what we know and what we thought we knew.” The piece begins, “Doctor Nathan Richmond, of the CDC, was ordered by Congress yesterday to bring forward his article as public domain. Reasons being as stated, “for the safety and future for all mankind”, said Congressman Ron Paul.
Dr. Richmond’s article states:
As I have witnessed, there are several stages to reanimation. Immediately after reanimation occurs, the host is fully mobile. Though coordination is lacking, the host exhibits traits of any drunk you may find stumbling through the streets, with a similar speech impediment. As diagnosing the host at this early stage will be the most difficult, it is also at this time they should be considered the highest threat.
As Rigor Mortis sets in, the host loses that fluid, albeit uncoordinated, mobility. Rash, jerky movements are the result.
The first stage of decomposition begins in the stomach, as the host’s own digestive enzymes begin to eat away its tissues. This is important to note, because the more a zombie feeds in the first stage, the slower the rate of decomposition.
Rigor Mortis lasts for approximately 36 hours. It is then that the host begins losing speed. The rate of decomposition is always dependent on temperature and humidity, and the speed of the host is dependent on the stage of decomposition. It is predicted that within a year however, unless frozen, the body will be almost completely decomposed. I say almost, because all the tests we have performed do not indicate normal decomposition in the brain, especially the brain stem, where the virus is housed.
Similarities in MAD flu are found in the following; viral meningitis, rabies, and Mad Cow Disease. Though certain similarities are present, diagnosing how to best treat MAD flu has, so far, been a great challenge. It is unlike anything we have seen before.”

There’s no denying it anymore. The dead are rising….

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  1. Joey March 14, 2011 at 4:52 am

    Is this for real? Like this pulled me in. i went over the site but didnt find anything anywhere else about the school or the mad flu…can you explain it a little bit more or send me a link to a place talking about the mad flu?

  2. admin March 14, 2011 at 7:53 am

    Good to hear you enjoyed it! This was actually a journal I found. I deducted that it had to have been sent from the future to warn us of the coming zombie apocalypse. (kidding 🙂 ) You can learn more about the Mad Flu here: https://401ak47.com/category/the-mad-flu-zombie-virus/

    You can also find information on the zombie virus here on Zombie Myth #6:

  3. Xiao Tupacyupanqui May 14, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Thanks for the information. You sure gave a lot of it and the fact that you wrote this based on your experience gives me more confidence that it will work for me, too.

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