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Choosing Your Zombie Killing Weapons

When all hell breaks loose, when the widespread pandemic of flesh-eating zombies is at your doorstep, clawing and possibly gnawing on remnants of the hottie next door, you will not have time to pick and choose what weapons you deem to be the most efficient zombie killing tools.

Ideally, you have already prepared, having trained your mind and body (see Conditioning), and assembled your bug out bag and survival gear in a position of easy access.

Either way, whether you’ve prepared your bug out bag or not, a knowledge of weapons for future scenarios where you may be faced with the decision between a handgun and semi-automatic rifle or machete or baseball bat, may be the knowledge that keeps you from becoming them…one of the walking dead.

Zombie warfare should be approached with careful consideration. When choosing the right weapons to defend yourself and your loved ones, or group against the incessant hordes of the living dead, you must consider a variety of variables:

1. Stealth Capabilities

Quiet Shooting For Zombie tactical kills

Large caliber weapons may give you the confidence and reassurance in your firepower that you’re looking for, but consider the advantage of a weapon that will not give away your position to other zombies. Loud noises attract zombies. The louder the gunfire, the larger the radius is of incoming zombies. When choosing a gun, consider silencing capabilities.


2. Availability of Ammunition & Magazine Size

Best choice for zombie gun .22 long rifle m4 carbine

Your ultimate goal is to put down/ kill zombies by way of decapitation (separating the head from the body) or otherwise destroying the zombie brain or brain stem (where the infection or control center of the zombie is housed). Choosing the right weapons is not necessarily about choosing the ones that will inflict the most damage.
A crossbow or bow and arrow may be ideal for the first variable, but what about the availability of arrows in the zombie apocalypse. If you have made friends with your inner caveman, no problem…just make your own, but if you’re like most of us you may need to simply focus on magazine size and the popularity/availability of the rounds for that gun.
Also, how many rounds can your magazine hold? A shotgun, though it may sound like a zombie-devastation-machine, requires frequent reloading…and reloading in the middle of a high-threat zombie attack could make the difference between life and unlife.

3. Ease of Carry

Combat trench knife with knuckles

Consider the weight and barrel length of the weapon and whether or not it would be ideal for traveling. A 5 lb. weapon will feel like 30 lbs. after a day’s travel on foot, whereas a 2 lb. weapon may only feel like 10 lbs. The weight of your weapon will affect the efficiency of your travels and your stamina.


4. Variety of Long Range, Short Range and Melee Weapons

Add stealthy silencer to hand gun for zombiesAlways be prepared to handle all attack scenarios, from long range to short range and even melee attacks. Carefully consider at least one weapon to combat each range.


5. Skill & Strength Requirements it.

Katana blade for killing zombies
A bow and arrow, though silent, requires a lot of practice and dedication to master…and let’s not forget loading speed – there’s a reason weapons have evolved to enhanced rebound and power machines. Strength requirements mostly relate to melee weapons, as that’s where the real weight of your choices factor in. A 20 lb. sledgehammer may turn that zombie’s head into mush, but a blade may be more practical if you can master it.
A bow and arrow, though silent, requires a lot of practice and dedication to master…and let’s not forget loading speed – there’s a reason weapons have evolved to enhanced rebound and power machines. Strength requirements mostly relate to melee weapons, as that’s where the real weight of your choices factor in. A 20 lb. sledgehammer may turn that zombie’s head into mush, but a blade may be more practical if you can master it.





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  1. Daron March 24, 2011 at 8:28 am

    I think I’d prefer the sniper gun with a sword for close combat. Where would I be able to stock up on ammunition?

  2. Justin Case March 27, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    There are ways of silencing your weapons without having access to machined silencers.

    First, don’t use this info with all types of guns. Smaller caliber guns, such as .22, .32, .38, .40, and 9 – 10mm. (Note, 10mm and .40 cal are pushing it, depending on the make of the gun, this info might be useless. Also, notice that a .357 was not mentioned. Technically, it is small enough, but most people these days buy a .357 magnum. Yes, I know you can get a regular .357 but I don’t want someone mistaking .357 magnum for a regular one, and try this.)

    Second, pick up some trash! Two and three liter bottles make the best, but a one liter will arrest some of the sound (20oz will work with a .22).

    Third, you will need that stuff we love so much… Duct tape!

    Now its as easy as fitting the barrel into the end of the bottle and taping them together. I suggest one strip of tape due to needing to replace the bottle. (Revolvers work best for this; ACP’s can be interfered by the tape.)

    Please realize that this is not a recommended tactic. but if you need to take out a couple zombies without alerting the horde, it will suffice. The bottle is only going to muffle the first couple shots (depending on caliber), so plan ahead when using these methods.

    Also, please bear in mind that aiming will be more difficult when bottle is attached!

  3. andrew April 9, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Thanx for the tip justin. much appreciated as this could come in useful someday. ill test it out in the forest first as i live somewhere i cannot buy actual silencers.

    My take on the following weapons.

    Crossbow VS Compound bow: Althought crossbow may have more stopping power it will be harder to reload and release multiple shots off at once. in comparison to a compound bow which i myself can fire off multiple shots in the time a person can reload a crossbow. also remember the amount of pullback that a crossbow has over a compound bow, yes you will have to hold the compound bows string while aiming but to pull an actually crossbows string back. one benefit to a crossbow is that the accuracy for the average person is most likely easier and again the stopping power would be much larger. Also a crossbow is much more durable and the arrows are much stronger. one issue with the compound bow is that the average man couldnt pull back enough poundage to peirce the skull of a human.

    AK47 VS M16: Preferably i would want a AK47 just because of the personal preferance but the more realistic/smart choice would be to go with the M16. The bullets are easier to find the gun is more accurate but the AK47’s bullets are easier to penerate through things such as walls and sheet metal and wood. but as for killing zombies this really doesent matter as your not needing to shoot through sheet metal to kill a zombie. but it would be helpful if needing to shoot any locks or whatnot. AK47 is much more durable when it comes to dropping/geting dirty. (not everyone knows how to properly clean a gun). As for weight there is no real comparison. No comparison in clip size either

    Machette VS Combat Trench Knuckle Knife: Machette commonly is alot larger and has more weight behind the blade allowing to have more chop value (For severing limbs) but the trench blade is easier to carry around and would be more for hand to hand combat. when fighting against a zombie (if need be) the choice would be Machette if i had a precise choice of what i wanted (Size and weight distribution). As for size you would want something with alot of weight behind the blade (but not an uncomfortable weight for the person swinging) and for length something that isnt too tip heavy and that you could swing fast and precise (Again self preferance).

    Hummer VS Truck (For overall transportation): Personal choice would be a hummer. most hummers are built to be able to go through water, mud, etc etc. nothing that you carry is required to be bigger than a trunk of a hummer. (Atleast that i can think of). A hummer is reasonably evenly weight distributed in comparison to a truck which is very front heavy and can cause the back wheel to spin during winter or in mud. a hammer can be outfitted to be bullet proof (To prevent raiders) and zombies from breaking the windows. (Although with the zombies taking over you can pretty much steal whatever you want so you could have both)

    Things to learn: How to purify water (although you wouldnt need to because you could most likely raid enough houses and superstores to get bottled water)(But still useful if trapped)
    How to shoot multiple weapons (Swing melee Weapons, Recoil Reduction, Aiming precision, gun cleaning, clip reloading)
    Body Conditioning (Mainly Cardio)
    Cauterization (Could come in useful)

    For any more comparisons or questions on my opinion just post a comment under this 😛

  4. Bushmaster April 23, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    This site is the best. You really have to think about your choice for which zombie weapons are the way to go, the wrong decision can cost you additional money and your life in the end.

  5. Tom Lane May 10, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    Could someone tell me who makes the Knuckle Duster Knife in photo #3 on this page?, Thanks!

  6. Ben Doaver October 14, 2011 at 5:25 am

    gun #3 is badass

  7. Ben Doaver October 14, 2011 at 5:25 am

    in is out of wak

  8. roy March 11, 2013 at 5:55 am

    one word: PICKAXE!!!

  9. Jordan November 26, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    I see some support here for a sniper rifle, or some type of long range firearm. Personally, I don’t see the point. A Zombie is only a danger to you at arm’s reach, and while a long range sniper or hunting rifle may be effective at marginally thinning ranks at a distance, the value of this is minimal. If a zombie is far enough away that you can’t shoot it accurately with a pistol, then the MUCH safer option is to run in the other direction. If you can’t run in another direction, because you’re either surrounded or you are barricaded and have only one avenue of escape, then a long range firearm isn’t going to do you a lot of good. You’re better off to take the space that you would normally dedicate to rifle bullets and fill it with pistol bullets. I believe that your primary weapon in a zombie apocalypse is a melee weapon, especially a machette or tomahawk, with a pistol or pair of pistols to give you a little breathing room if you need it. Ammo should be hoarded greedily and used sparingly, and a sniper rifle is a waste of ammo.

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