Bradford Zombie Report (Submitted by David Lock)

//Bradford Zombie Report (Submitted by David Lock)

Bradford Zombie Report (Submitted by David Lock)

“Dispatch to 1327, respond… over”

The voice drifted into my head, forcing my eyes open. Head hurting, I forced myself to focus
on my surroundings. Okay… seat belt on. I shook my head. The vehicle was against a phone pole.
I remembered nothing up to this point, not my day, how I got here… nothing. I remember feeling sweat run down my face; and at the same instant I remember thinking that it was running a little too fast to be sweat. “Great!”, there was blood dripping down my face. I reached up to the throbbing place on my head and touched it. “Fuck that hurt, what the hell happened?!” As I pulled my hand away I knew exactly where the blood was coming from.

“Dispatch to 1327, come in… over”

I tried to respond to dispatch, but got no answer. I couldn’t remember what happened or why. All I knew was; I was hurt and I had to stop the blood. Everything around my cruiser was saturated with oil, or so I thought. It wasn’t until later I realized it wasn’t oil… it was blood. Large amounts of blood! Everywhere! I got out of the cruiser.

I felt the urge to vomit. Must be the head wound, I thought. “There has to be someone around”, I said aloud. But the streets were deserted, nothing was there, nothing moved. The wind and the burning cars were the only sounds I could hear.

This is very unnerving, there should be someone around but I didn’t hear or see a damn thing!

I checked my side-arm (Glock 17, 9mm), full clip and two more in reserve. Okay, I’ve got to try and find out what happened. As I moved down the street, I quickly realized how much the smoke from the car fires was concealing, as if being dark wasn’t bad enough! I saw someone on an adjacent street.
“Hey you there, you okay? You need help?” No reply. Whoever it was tried to walk, or should I say, stumble toward me. I started to say something else, when a moan came from the thing. (The feeling in my spine is still there from that God-awful moan.)

As it stumbled closer to me I could see the thing. What was once a man, was missing a large part of its chest. In disbelief, I stood and watched it walk toward me. “What the fuck is this? Okay, stop right there, or I’ll shoot”. The thing did not stop! It just gave out a lower moan and moved even faster toward me. “Stop or I’ll fucking shoot!” I pulled the trigger. The report lit up the night in three quick flashes. The thing fell back. The sound of the rounds hitting bone is all I could hear.

I moved in closer to see if I had killed… whatever it was, when the thing got up! Okay, this shit stops here! I fired one to the head… No more moans.


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