10 Reasons Why I Can’t Watch The Walking Dead
Submitted by Corgiusmaximus

//10 Reasons Why I Can’t Watch The Walking Dead
Submitted by Corgiusmaximus

10 Reasons Why I Can’t Watch The Walking Dead
Submitted by Corgiusmaximus

The Walking Dead is a hit – no doubt about it. It’s brought a huge audience to a genre that has been, for the most part, a small group of enthusiasts. That said, is this a good show to learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse? No. Of course not!…and as a zombie survivalist, it’s damn frustrating.

The Walking Dead Lori, Rick's wife not good looking

10. Rick’s Wife is:
A) Not Attractive
B) Bitchy
C) Self Righteous
D) Useless
E) All of the Above.Basically, hardly worth fighting over – There goes that story line.
The Walking Dead camper vehicle

9. The World as We know it is over. We have nothing but time to come up with some Strategies about our options. Let’s drive around in a Kia and a Camper because of course those seem like the best vehicles, right?
The Walking Dead cdc location guns

8. Automatic Weapons. We got to the Center For Disease Control where there are hundreds of dead soldiers lying around. If it’s me I’m grabbing every M4 Assault Rifle I can find (and I have by the way), but no…I just love my revolver and hunting rifle.
The Walking Dead cast on open farm firing line

7. Lets live on a farm. It’s the safest place we can find. Ok I get it, Cows, Chickens, Well Water. Lets face it, the Dead have taken over the earth and they are out there. Would you sleep in the middle of a field in a tent while DALE stood watch in his Beach Chair?
The Walking Dead Hershel Drinking Whiskey

6. If I hear Hershall say, “Get out of My House.” one more time I’d shoot him myself. He looks like he would make a good jerky, plus the Jack Daniels in his blood would make for a good marinade.
The Walking Dead Hershel's farm with cast of Mad Men

5. Reinforce Something! Anything! The cars, the house, the barn! Something! Have a plan! The cast of Mad Men would have a better Zombie Survival Plan
The Walking Dead zombie map of united states and canada

4. Communication with the outside world. Ah, Why bother, it’s not like people might be safe in Canada or somewhere…oh, wait.
The Walking Dead Lori is a bitch skank

3. Rick’s Wife is still a Skank.
The Walking Dead Rick trapped under motorcycle in town

2. Lets go to Town again, We’re running out of story lines.
The Walking Dead Rick has no confidence

Submitted by Corgiusmaximus

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