Zombie Weapons from Max

Posted by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan in Your Zombie Weapons

Pictured: From top down: M14 Carbine 7.62, 12 gauge Mossberg, the Sig and Glock are .40 caliber

A good start to my anti-zombie solution. No sword or machete present in the collection yet, but this will soon be remedied.

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Posted by admin


  1. admin (17 Apr 2011, 11:44)

    More than just a good start Max! 🙂

  2. andrew (17 Apr 2011, 19:49)

    one word “Champion” what caliber are those and brand (pistols)

  3. Max (18 Apr 2011, 9:54)

    ya that description was pretty lame. from top down: m14 carbine 7.62, 12 gauge mossberg, the sig and glock are .40 caliber

  4. admin (18 Apr 2011, 10:22)

    Thanks guys – we’ll update the post.

  5. andrew (30 Apr 2011, 18:22)

    this is not just a good start this is nearly perfect. the shotgun is a perfect caliber, the fact that bost handguns are reliable brands that are the same caliber is perfect because if one goes down the other one is good to go. the m14 is decent. the only think i could think to make this better is a machette (which has been mentioned to be added soon), a 9mm or .22 pistol. a sniper of some sort. also im not sure why he little knife when u have the big fixed blade knife also the flashlight being bigger would possibly give more advantage. other than that this is pretty saweeet

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