Zombie Weapons From Bruce

Posted by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan in Your Zombie Weapons

Pictured: My chainsaw. I’ll kill all zombies with chainsaws and a life time supply of gas!

chainsaw hand for zombie killing weapons in army of darkness

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  1. admin (26 Apr 2011, 11:44)

    Love the enthusiasm!!!…and on the slight chance that this was actually submitted by Bruce Campbell, how can we doubt it’s authenticity?

  2. andrew (27 Apr 2011, 11:13)

    i know im being a downer but a chainsaw would not be the best choice. when u cut a zombie with a chainsaw i can guarantee the amount of blood on you would be huge. Unless u had cloths that u constantly changed off then u would be covered in zombie blood that could get in ur eyes, mouth, ears, and any other area that could turn u into a zombie. anyways i guess its better than throwing knifes or nothing. but id still take a machete or a handgun over this. probably even take a baseball bat or axe over it as well.

    • admin (27 Apr 2011, 13:16)

      As far as practicality is concerned, chainsaws are not going to be your go-to…no doubt about it – you’re right. Let’s face it, they’re messy. You risk infecting yourself and your team (if you’re with a group of survivalists). There is something about it, though. Let’s say you were infected, surrounded…trapped by an unrelenting, unstoppable horde of zombies…wouldn’t you want to pick up that chainsaw and go out in a blaze of glory, blood and guts?

      • andrew (29 Apr 2011, 9:33)

        no i would run a bomb as far into the middle and use that or run in there blasting a big gun or i would kill myself a chainsaw is made out to be alot easier to use than reality. it doesent just slice through stuff like knife through air. if it did i could understand but it doesent. but its good that people hopefully read this and reconsider there choice rather than not read this and die after there first kill because of blood spray

  3. george (04 Feb 2012, 20:26)

    hey the chainsaw bad choice it is a 10 pounds weapon

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