Zombie Map / Zombie Survivalist Map

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Zombie Map - Google Maps Zombie Concentration

Want to know where your fellow zombie survivalists are? Oxford Internet Institute researchers Mark Graham (of Floating Sheep's fame), Taylor Shelton, Matthew Zook, and Monica Stephens mapped the world's zombie "outbreaks":

Bradford Zombie Report (Submitted by David Lock)

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zombie on road street in small town

"Dispatch to 1327, respond... over" The voice drifted into my head, forcing my eyes open. Head hurting, I forced myself to focus on my surroundings. Okay... seat belt on. I shook my head. The vehicle was against a phone pole. I remembered nothing up to this point, not my day, how I got here... nothing. I remember feeling sweat run down my face; and at the same instant I remember thinking that it was running a little too fast to be sweat. “Great!”, there was blood dripping down my face. I reached up to the throbbing place on my head and touched it. "Fuck that hurt, what the hell happened?!" As I pulled my hand away I knew exactly where the...

The Asylum’s Zombie Apocalypse Movie

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Asylum's Zombie Apocalypse Movie

This one looks promising. A couple of well known actors, terrific gore and well...zombies. What more could you ask for? Zombie Apocalypse follows a small group of survivors, fighting to seek refuge on the island of Catlina. Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning, Lesley Anne Brandt, Johnny Pacar, and Eddie Steeples star in this film. Directed by Nick Lyon. A little late for Christmas present, though a great way to end the year, Zombie Apocalypse's DVD release is December 27, 2011. View The Asylum's Zombie Apocalypse Movie Trailer below.

Caterpillar Zombie Virus

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zombie caterpillar

Imagine that there is a virus that could kill you, but before it does…controlling you to go out and infect those around you. This virus exists, at least in less caterpillars, and a team of researchers determined the virus genes responsible for this zombie-like behavior. A gypsy moth leads a life of simplistic routine. Every night, it crawls into the trees to feed on its leaves…and every day it returns to the ground below to protect itself and avoid predators. This routine is altered, however, when the gypsy moth is infected with the baculovirus. When the caterpillar is infected with the zombie-like baculovirus, it is being internally controlled and fed upon by it. The zombie catepillar, with what little...

Zombie Weapons from Culprit

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Pictured: Everything I need for the zombie apocalypse. Just add zombies...

10 Tips For Creating Your Zombie Escape Plan

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Given the current trends in disease, chemical warfare, and terrorism, there is no doubt in our minds that the zombie apocalypse is coming, and if you’ve got your wits about you…there’s no doubt in your mind either. The zombie war is inevitable, and if you’re to survive this war, you must have a strategy! There is never a simple answer to where you should go when the zombie outbreak hits or how you should get there. It is largely dependent on where you are when the zombie apocalypse begins, who you’re with and/or rendezvousing with, and what you’ve done to prepare for that moment. Before we give you the tips you’ll need to plan your zombie escape routes, evacuation...

Top 5 Long Range Weapons for Killing Zombies

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The information below has been collected by Zombie Slayer Special Forces and hardcore zombie survivalists from across the world. To identify and familiarize yourself with a variety of long range weapons and more specifically, rifles, one must also become familiar with that weapon’s inherant traits. These traits include weapon characteristics, availability, versatility, ergonomics, and ammunition availability. Now imagine the zombie apocalypse is upon us, and consider these variables: 1) Those around you are dying and reanimating from MAD flu / zombie flu exposure. 2) Survivalists and every day citizens everywhere are arming themselves in panic. 3) More deaths are occurring due to inexperience with weapons, and so allowing themselves to be in an otherwise avoidable, dangerous situation – wasting...

Zombie Weapons from Jesse

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gun for killing zombies - g36c assault rifle

The G36C assault rifle: Weighs 6.2 lbs,fires 5.56 rounds, 30-round curved magazines (the magazines are molded from a high-strength translucent polymer and can be clipped together using built-in coupling studs into 2 or 3-magazine packs allowing up to five magazines to be carried side-by-side on the rifle) or C-Mag drum magazines that have a 100-round cartridge capacity, and an unmagnified reflex red-dot sight. This is one badass weapon!

Zombie Weapons From THE GUNG HO MO FO’S

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zombie weapons military - kill all zombies with this military helicopter

Pictured: 50mm rocket pods, stinger missile docks, 30mm tri-barrel gatling, Hellfire missile setup

PETA Campaign: Flesh is for Zombies

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PETA's zombie campaign: Flesh is for Zombies

PETA’s jumping on the zombie bandwagon…their new campaign – Don’t be a zombie: Go Vegan. Flesh is for Zombies, PETA’s new campaign, is intended to convince meat eaters to go vegan, comparing anyone who eats meat to a zombie, as only a zombie would torture terrified victims who don’t want to die. Their position is that there is no excuse for anyone who has a brain, to eat meat. See PETA’s Zombie Campaign Here Related Zombie Survival Posts:

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