Everything You Need For Zombies

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Although this compilation of zombie preparedness ideas is fantastic and entertaining, see

zombie preparedness | every weapon, defense, vehicle, fort you need in the zombie apocalypse

by 9Gag

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  1. shirtrater (17 Feb 2013, 10:04)

    nice list! : D
    although the 2nd one seem a bit excessive with all the attachments? haha

  2. Joe (04 Oct 2015, 13:48)

    Nice fantasy items but not useful. The “tank” has limited use. The AR is too heavy and bulky to use effectively. A flashlight and a laser is as much weight you want to add to the gun, maybe a forend grip. Extra mags are better carried in a vest or on a belt. A chainsaw is a terrible weapon, too loud, heavy and difficult to use. More likely to hurt yourself than an enemy. The vehicles are too complicated and expensive except for the government. The last bullet in the Glock is of little use. You would have to remove the magazine, put down the gun, load the magazine and reinsert. You would be dead by then. Just use the last one in the last magazine. Why not just put the baseball bat under the bed instead of the table. The 3 barrel revolver is a show piece.

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