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Hollywood Zombies: Before and After

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hollywood zombies: before and after graphic | zombie photoshop celebrities

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Everything You Need For Zombies

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Although this compilation of zombie preparedness ideas is fantastic and entertaining, see

zombie preparedness | every weapon, defense, vehicle, fort you need in the zombie apocalypse

by 9Gag

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Bath Salt Zombie Apocalypse Strikes Georgia: Karl Laventure Ran Around Naked at Driving Range and Threatened To Eat Cops

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Just when we thought the zombie/bath salt apocalypse was starting to lose steam with the story breaking about Rudy Eugene’s autopsy (The autopsy reported marijuana in his system and nothing else). There is no current method to detect bath salts in the human body, by the way…so the autopsy report is irrelevant – why don’t more people mention this?

FOX News Reports:

    An Atlanta man was arrested after stripping down to his underwear at a local driving range and threatening to eat people after ingesting bath salts, police said.
    Witnesses said that Karl Laventure came out of the woods at the Atlanta Golf Center and began screaming about religion, rapper Tupac Shakur and cannibalism.
    “Among other things, he was saying things like, ‘I’ll eat you. I don’t want to eat you but I will,'” Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Jake Smith, said.
    Police said that when they arrived, Laventure – who had stripped down to his underwear – came right at them. Laventure would not respond to any commands and wiped pepper spray from his eyes, according to police. Authorities said it took four Taser hits to restrain and arrest him.
    Paramedics arrived and gave Laventure medication that reportedly seemed to bring him out of his haze. Police said that Laventure admitted that earlier he had smoked a joint sprinkled with bath salts. Officials said that the medication apparently wore off and Laventure began lunging off the hospital bed at officers.
    Smith said that Laventure was Tased an additional seven times before he was finally restrained.
    Laventure faces misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and disrupting a police officer. He was not injured in the arrest, police said.

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Newest Bath Salt Cannibal Zombie: Charles Baker Took a Bite Out of another man’s arm in Florida

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charles baker florida cannibal on bath salts drug

Charles Baker, of Palmetto, Florida, went to his girlfriend’s house Wednesday night to visit his children…high on bath salts at the time. Entering the house, he started yelling and throwing furniture, and tearing off all of his clothes in a rage. When Jeffrey Blake, a man who lived at the house, attempted to stop this bath salt rage, Charles Baker bit off a chunk of his arm.

After being tased four times by police, having no effect, they were finally able to tackle and subdue the newest addition to the bath salt zombie apocalypse.

Huffington Post reports:

    Florida man on drugs got naked, barged into his girlfriend’s house, bit a chunk out of a man’s arm and ate it, then powered through several cop-deployed Taser probes before getting tackled and arrested.

    Those are just some of the allegations against Charles Baker of Palmetto, who is already being likened to the Miami man shot and killed after he got naked and chewed 75-percent of a homeless man’s face off.

    Baker, 26, was visiting his children at his girlfriend’s house on Wednesday night, WPTV reported. He was allegedly high on an unknown substance when he started yelling, throwing furniture around the home, and taking off his clothes.

    Jeffrey Blake, 48, who lives at the home, tried to stop the madness, but Baker reportedly chewed a slab of flesh from Blake’s arm. Somehow Blake was able to restrain him until cops arrived.

    But the violence didn’t end there.

    Baker was allegedly going wild, tensing his body and screaming at police, ABC News reported.

    An officer deployed a Taser on Baker and he fell, but got back up and pulled out the probes. Then the officer used a handheld stun gun — twice — before he was able to subdue an apparently crazed Baker and arrest him.

    Baker was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation before he went to jail. He was allegedly high on unknown drugs during the melee.

    It’s unclear if his children saw the episode.

    It’s the third case of flesh-biting in Florida similar to the Miami incident in as many weeks. On Saturday, Giovanni Martinez allegedly bit into the arm of a hospital nurse and threatened to eat hospital staff’s faces off “like that guy in Miami.”

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The Zombie Apocalypse Hits Los Angeles: Woman pulls baby from stroller and tries to eat baby

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Natasha Hubbard Los Angeles Baby Attack

The Zombie Apocalypse hits Los Angeles when Natasha Hubbard of Los Angeles, brutally attacks a baby (slamming it into a nearby truck) and tries to eat the baby.

Natasha Hubbard Los Angeles Cannibal

Natasha Hubbard Los Angeles Bath Salt Cannibal

Los Angeles Times reports:

    A 36-year-old woman allegedly snatched an infant from his stroller and slammed him into the metal railing of a truck as his mother and aunt tried to fight her off, police said Wednesday.

    The woman, Natasha Hubbard, later told police she wanted to eat the baby’s arm. The baby suffered only minor injuries.

    Adriana Miranda, 29, was pushing her 4-month-old son in a stroller on Boyd Street on Thursday when Hubbard allegedly reached into the stroller, unbelted the infant and swung him overhead, police said.

    She then slammed him into the metal rail of a nearby truck.

    Police said the mother and her sister tried to fight the woman off.

    Miranda was eventually able to grab her baby, but Hubbard allegedly kept trying to fight, scratching at her while Miranda held the baby in her arms.

    Police said the mother and aunt ran into a nearby store for help as Hubbard ran away, but the store owner pushed them back out onto the street.
    Officers were able to find Hubbard after witnesses pointed her out.

    She was charged with aggravated assault and bail was set at $30,000. She is on probation in two separate cases, one for narcotics and another for battery. Her prior arrests also include aggravated assault and carrying dangerous weapons.

    Lt. Paul Vernon of the Los Angeles Police Department said Hubbard told detectives at the police station that she tried to break off the baby’s arm so she could eat it.

    The baby was treated for minor bruises and scratches.

    “We’re so lucky Alexander was not more injured than the bruises and swelling he received,” Vernon said. “He’s a tough little boy, and his mom and aunt didn’t hesitate to protect him.”

    Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Erika Martinez at (213) 972-1234.

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Kellogs Frosted Flakes Tony The Tiger Zombie

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Tony the Tiger Zombie | Zombie Art

Kellogs Frosted Flakes icon, Tony the Tiger, is at it again (in the zombie apocalypse)…this time using his new slogan: IT’S BRRRRR-AINS!!!

Tony the Tiger Zombie | Zombie Art

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The Effects Of Bath Salts On The Brain: A Response To The Bath Salt Zombie Apocalypse Epidemic

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Bath Salts drug | Concentrated Bath Salts

Submitted by Cain Mosni

In light of recent events, it seems that I should take a moment to contemplate the red flags springing up around our nation. I am speaking, of course, of the growing numbers of self-induced zombification.

Bath salt zombie in Miami, Florida | Zombie victim face

Miami, Florida Bath Salt Zombie Having Eaten Face Off Of His Victim

A select few of us (those who would be reading this, and logging on to 401AK47.COM) are keeping a vigil watch and an open ear; for we few are aware that we are witnessing the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. There it is! I said it! A few weeks ago, as we are all aware, a man was found eating the face off another man. I will not re-hash the story because I’m sure we all know it and have formed our own opinions on the matter.

Following the incident in Miami, more reports of… well, zombification have risen. A case in Louisiana, now a mother in Texas, and another in Maryland. Authorities and the media have named the culprit as bath salts. OK… there is a new unregulated drug available to the public that causes zombie-like characteristics. In a rational world, case closed. Pull the substance, make it aware to consumers, and no one else is stupid enough to consume the product. Crisis averted… right?


We do NOT live in a rational world, and furthermore we are subjugated daily to the very plague responsible for the downfall of our species. Simply put, it is people. Everyone knows how bad this stuff is, but people still use it. It is the stupidity and lack of responsibility for their actions (that these people seem to care nothing about), that is bringing on the zombie apocalypse.

Bath salts drug | zombie epidemic | bath salt epidemic

Bath Salt Drug Zombie Apocalypse 'Not Even Once' Warning

I am not blaming all people. In fact, there are large groups of people that do more good in this world than we are aware of. No, I am speaking specifically of that mob of people that sets common sense and rationale aside for hedonistic self-indulgence and the prospect of “a good time”.

Let us refer from here on to the idiots (let’s face it, they are only thinking with the ID region of their brains) as “people” and the conscientious as “persons”. After all, a person can be awesome, but let’s face it… people suck!

No doubt, there are skeptics among us that would argue that people are not turning into zombies because they are not dying first, then reanimating and going after our brains, and it isn’t contagious. In the famous words of a young yellow icon*, “au contraire mon frere”!

The people who would seek to plague us, generally are not people that diversify their friendships. There is a certain disregard for the responsibility of life in all its fragility and wonder. These people have lost the capacity to enjoy life for the sake of being alive. There is a disconnection from the excitement of being alive. People have traded their lust for life, for the rush of amphetamines. When the meth runs out, bath salts are available and they will do ANYTHING to feed the addiction to the rush.

Is that living?…

Once the poison of the bath salts has seized control of the brain, there is no return to normality. The ‘high’ may not be there, but those people will never find their former selves. The former has died and they are reanimated into people who would spread this epidemic on the rest of us.

So how will it spread? I can only speculate, but lend me your mind and I will write you a picture.

A man (if you can call someone who would do this a man)… okay… an idiot goes to the store and purchases some bath salts because it isn’t necessarily illegal, and it can’t get, or doesn’t want to mess with the illegality of meth… the ‘why’ is not important, only that it is purchased, and consumed. Said idiot is alone, this time, and though it doesn’t attack any persons on this occasion, the damage is done! The idiot is feeling poorly due to the subsequent, and inevitable psychological ‘come down’ that follows all drug-induced highs, so it calls its friend to come over and try it (misery loves company!). Enter second idiot. Both idiots are now engaged in a night of snorting and smoking bath salts. This time, however, something is triggered in idiot number one. What exactly triggers this effect is unknown. We can only observe the outcome. Someone gets eaten…

The two idiots are outside now, naked because the drug is causing them to overheat (fever, anyone?). One (or both) of the idiots are growling and jerkily tearing at each other (inability to control motor functions?). Police are called. Once on scene, the idiots are unresponsive to police commands. An officer discharges his/her firearm into one of the idiots… nothing… the idiot doesn’t even register the shot! Discharge number two… number three… number four!!! Eureka! Whether it was a head shot (which is what I’m leaning towards) or just enough of the vitals destroyed, one idiot is now dead, and the other is taken into custody and isolated in the hospital until it can be moved to be processed in the justice system. While in lock-up, the idiot meets people who, like it, are weak-willed and looking for a cheap high. It tells its story to anything with ears, and oh, are there ears in jail.

Now, one idiot has infected several people with the knowledge and temptation, and wouldn’t you know it, these idiots think (everyone say it with me now!) “It won’t happen to me!”, “because… blah, blah, blah!”.

Now I ask you… Is this not contagious?

Responsible persons, I implore you to arm yourselves for the safety of yourself and your families. If you witness or think you are witnessing people in the throw of zombification; avoid them, and notify the authorities. If you cannot avoid them or contact authorities… put one in their head and sleep well knowing you’ve done the world a favor! But hey, this is just one man’s advise, as I see it!

*Bart Simpson

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Custom Zombie Proof Car: The Hyundia Elantra, by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman

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hyundai undead custom zombie proof car by Robert Kirkman, writer of The Walking Dead

Choosing your zombie apocalypse vehicle is one of the most important decisions you can make, and it’s not an easy task. How large is your survival team? What is the main purpose of this vehicle and over what terrain?

Robert Kirkman, the writer of The Walking Dead, made his choice, building one of his own with Hyundia. He’s come up with the Hyundia Elantra GT.

the walking dead zombie car | the walking dead zombie proof car by robert kirkman

Zombie Proof Car by Robert Kirkman, writer of The Walking Dead









In celebration of The Walking Dead’s 100th issue, Hyundai, having already given away a Tuscon just like the one driven in The Walking Dead AMC show, will be giving away one of these zombie proof cars through July 31st, displaying it at the San Diego Comic Con.

Check it out…

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New Images of Ronald Poppo 2 weeks after the zombie ‘cannibal’ attack in Florida

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Ronald Poppo pics of face eaten | Face eaten pics of Ronald Poppo in hospital
Homeless man Ronald Poppo victim before of cannibal attack

(BEFORE) Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who had his face eaten prior to the zombie attack

Ronald Poppo pics of face eaten | Face eaten pics of Ronald Poppo in hospital

Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who had his face eaten in Miami, Florida - 2 Weeks after the incident

Ronald Poppo Hospital Pic - Victim of Zombie Cannibal attack in Miami, Florida

Pic of Ronald Poppo in hospital 2 weeks after the zombie cannibal attack

MIAMI, FL. — Ronald Poppo, the homeless man left in seriously critical condition, in a bloody attack by the so-called Causeway “Cannibal” Zombie, fully realizes that half of his face has been gnawed and chewed off, with one eye gouged out and the possibility of complete, irreversible blindness in the other, said his doctors Tuesday. He also suffers from brain injury, a broken rib, and possible bullet wound fired by the Miami police officer who put down Rudy Eugene, the Miami Cannibal or Causeway Cannibal. We know him as the Florida Zombie.

The attack this 65 year old man suffered on the Florida Causeway has made headlines around the world.

Despite all this, Poppo’s physicians at Jackson Memorial Hospital said that he’s eating well, not complaining about the pain he is surely going through, and simply looking forward to hearing the first game of the NBA Finals between Miami and Oklahoma City.

“Before I left the room to come down here today he asked me if I’d be watching the game tonight and he told me “Go Heat,’ ” said Nicholas Namias, a University of Miami physician and director of Jackson’s Ryder Trauma Center.

“He is honestly living in the moment. And I don’t think I’ve said this about anyone before, but he’s charming. He really is.”

In a 45-minute news conference, doctors displayed an hours-old photo of Poppo that shows him with flaps of skin sewn over his eyes, his forehead raw and dappled with scabs, and his nose a mass of disfigured cartilage and bits of skin. Only his mouth, his gray mustache and chin remain undamaged.

Poppo is well aware that images of him — both before and after the attack — have been seen by millions, said Wrood Kassira, a plastic surgeon treating him. “He has asked me, what does the media think about him, and what are their thoughts and how are they portraying him,” Kassira said. “I said you are a victim of violence.”

Once a promising student at prestigious Stuyvesant High School in New York, Poppo dropped out of college and has been living on the streets for about 30 years, according to relatives who thought him dead.

Doctors said they do not know what Poppo’s future may hold, but for now he has weeks of hospitalization and many surgeries to endure before he can be released.

“He can touch his face,” Kassira said. “He can feel what’s missing.”

Kassira said she has talked to Poppo about reconstructive surgery. The goal, she said, “is to restore as close to what he had before.” He could end up with a prosthetic nose if what is left is too damaged, she said.

What she can not gauge, said Kassira, is how concerned Poppo is about his appearance. “If he doesn’t get his vision back, is he more concerned about how he looks, or how the world sees him?” Kassira said. “Those are things to think about with a psychiatrist and mental health workers.

“He says we’ll take it one day at a time. He’s very practical.”

Poppo is taking oral antibiotics to prevent infection, but no other medication, doctors said. He asks for orange juice, pizza and other Italian food.

One brother has been in touch with hospital officials, but no other relatives have visited or called, they said.

Kassira said she has the impression that Poppo — shot once before, in 1976, and arrested many times for drinking and vagrancy — enjoyed his life on the streets.

“He was content in life, swimming in the ocean, getting sun,” Kassira said. “But he is not complaining now. He is not a hysterical patient. He’s amazing. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Doctors not involved in Poppo’s care have estimated that depending on the number of surgeries he undergoes, and the length of his rehabilitation, expenses could total as much as $1 million. Poppo does qualify for Medicare and Medicaid, hospital officials said.

The costs will be covered by taxpayers and by donations made to a fund set up by the hospital. The fund now contains $15,000, officials said.

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Zombie Attack in San Antonio, Texas: Woman Eats Her Child, Infant Son

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Zombie Mother in Texas | Mother Ate Her Baby Brains

This one drives home how horrifically real this zombie apocalypse really is. It’s one thing for a man to eat another man’s face on the Florida Causeway, and another for a mother to eat her child, her infant son.

Otty Sanchez Mother Eats Baby Brains

Otty Sanchez, the zombie mother who ate her baby's brains

Otty Sanchez, mother to a 3 1/2 week old infant boy was found dead and decapitated. The mother had chewed off her son’s face, 3 of his toes, severed the infant’s head off, tore through the child’s skull and ate his brain. This zombie ate her son’s brain as well as other body parts, then continued to stab herself in the chest and slash her own throat.

The Mexican mother and son were discovered on the bathroom floor in their San Antonio home.

Zombie attack in San Antonio, Texas | Mother Eats Baby News

Pic of San Antonio, Texas home where Sanchez mother eats baby

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said Monday: ”At this particular scene you could have heard a pin drop, no one was speaking. It was about as somber as it could have been. It’s too heinous for me to describe it any further,” McManus told reporters.

You tell me, is this just another coincidence? Can you really call Otty Sanchez a cannibal? Or is this past the breaking point for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse?





MSNBC reported:

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