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Best Video Game Trailer Ever: Guy Ritchie’s Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

Guns, jets, a lady godiva, Robert Downey Jr., the FPS Russia guy, and of course...ZOMBIES!!! - this trailer has it all. This is officially the best game trailer ever. With Call of Duty Black Ops 2 hitting the shelves November 13th, this will only make the wait all the more difficult. Check it out. 

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Zombie Themed Wedding Photo

Couples go all out in a variety of themes on their wedding day. The groom in this case, Josh, happened to know his way around Photoshop. Click To See Full Size Josh and his wife shot the zombie action photo, pretending to be zombie slayers under attack (complete with wedding attire). Check out how Josh accomplished this below:

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Game of Thrones White Walker Concept Art

For those of us who haven’t read the Game of Thrones series, the White Walkers remain somewhat of a mystery. As if we weren’t already on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the new season, Martin Rezard, adds fuel to the fire with his new White Walker concept art.

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Bath Salt Zombie News: Richard Cimino Jr.’s Head-Gnawing Attack on Woman

The latest case of 'alleged' bath salt use once again ending in violence and cannibalism. This latest case in Pennsylvania, is just as strange a case as any. Naked and hungry, Richard Cimino Jr. broke into a home, having stripped off all of his clothes prior, continued upstairs only to jump out of the second story window. Bloody and injured, he immediately began pursuing two women. Tackling one, Richard Cimino Jr. began gnawing on her head, all the while screaming like a wild animal. The Times Tribune Reports: Authorities suspect the Doylestown man who allegedly gnawed on a woman's head in [...]

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Deadlight: New Zombie Video Game

Complete with zombies and intense visuals, Deadlight ($20) is a zombie apocalypse quest set in mid 80's Seattle. You play as Randall, a man who has been seperated from his family just as an infectious virus is spreading throughout the world. The infected undead, or "shadows" as they're called in this case are the result of this virus. Check out the Deadlight Trailer:

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Play Dead: Dogs vs. Zombies Short Film

Play Dead is an 18 minute short film by Kickstarter about...well, dogs vs. zombies. Based on the title of the film, you may not take it too seriously...but it's worth a watch. It may sound strange, but this short film does such a good job of portraying such a wide array of emotions (with plenty of gore) in a matter of minutes. Watch Play Dead here: Play Dead (2012) FULL MOVIE from Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes on Vimeo.

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