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Zombie Slayer Daryl Dixon #2 Pencil

We're all excited about the return of The Walking Dead this Sunday. One of the my wife's students is especially excited. Now, I'm not saying I condone not paying attention in the classroom, but c'mon...it's for a good cause. Check out the fully functional, zombie slaying, Daryl Dixon #2 pencil... Click to see full size

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan
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Zombie Teddy Bears for Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine's season, I hear the constant barrage of flower and customize-a-teddy-bear advertisements. Looks like this year will have a fresh, new...errr...or unfresh and rotting...approach to showing that special someone that you care. The game changer?...Etsy seller UnDeadTeds, who created these little bundles of fluff 'n love. Give your valentine one of these gruesome, half-rotted, cuddly, bloody bears and zombies won't be the only things going bump in the night.

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan
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Top 10 Best Black Heroes and Zombies

In honor Of Martin Luther King Day, I thought it appropriate to pay tribute to some of the best contributions from black actors and actresses to the zombie film/tv genre. As I began this zombie obsession, I remember going through as many zombie movies as I could find (from H.G. Wells' Things To Come (1936), through the Romero's, and on) in chronological order. When I got to the Romero's, which I was already somewhat familiar with, it became very obvious, very fast, that George Romero liked his heroes black. That trend continued in Romero's movies and more black heroes came up [...]

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The Google (Zombie) Panda Update: A Message From 401AK47

401AK47.com has been severely affected by the new Google Panda update pushed out late last month. For those of you who aren't in, or ocassionally dipping your big toe into, the geeky SEO world... Google hired an engineer named Panda to enhance their search, specifically the machine learning scalability...which he did. Then, based on answers from a questionaire given to a group of people, he was able to use a predictive technology to determine how well a site should rank. It just so happens, that some of the questions asked to this group directly related to how safe and secure a [...]

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13 Year Old Walking Dead Fan Makes His Own Animated Short, Starring Daryl Dixon

Aspiring filmaker, Nick Mastrangelo, is a huge fan of The Walking Dead (and rightly so). Well, like most thirteen-year-olds, Nick found himself with some free time over the summer. Unlike most others his age, however, he took on the challenge of creating an animated Walking Dead music video, starring his favorite character, Daryl Dixon. Just for fun over the summer, I decided to make an animation music video inspired by Norman Reedus’ character “Daryl Dixon” of The Walking Dead tv show on AMC. I chose Daryl Dixon because he’s a fan favorite, changed into a positive dude the group can now [...]

by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan
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