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Know Your Enemy: Understanding Zombies

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Know your enemy. Know their nature. Understand their strengths and their weaknesses, their effectiveness and their vulnerabilities.

Know yourself, and train yourself to overcome your own weaknesses. Sympathy or hesitation has no place in the fight against zombies. Don’t waste your time thinking about what they once were. They’re not human anymore. They are not fickle in their objective; they have but one. A zombie commits 100% to their objective and will not stop, no matter what. Feeding on you is the only goal they have. You are their next meal, and their hunger is insatiable.

A zombie’s strength lies in it’s persistence, it’s mouth and, if still in tact, it’s two hands.

A zombie’s main weaknesses are a lack of coordination and problem solving abilities. Further weaknesses are dependent on the level of decay of the zombie.

A zombie is predictable. They are driven by the primal need to feed, and nothing else. As long as you’re aware of your surroundings and are expecting an attack from any angle (though easier said than done), you can successfully defend yourself against a zombie attack.

Again, a zombie’s main weaknesses (coordination and inability to problem solve) are always a factor, yet the degree to which these weaknesses are a variable in combating a zombie, relates to their level of decay.

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Multiple Zombie Attackers

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Remember, in many cases you will be faced with multiple zombies. Though they are not of the herd mentality, due to the nature of a zombie, they tend to follow their instincts. In doing so, a zombie will be attracted by sight (any movement they see), sound (this could be anything from a twig snapping to another zombie’s moan), and scent. A zombie’s sense of smell is incredibly acute, as it is probably the most dominant sense that a zombie has to rely on, to sift out the living flesh from the dead.

This in turn, is what would attract multiple zombies in an area to a single source, a single target. One zombie senses the presence of living flesh, moans, and another within hearing distance does the same. This is how a zombie herd begins and continues to grow. If say, the zombie’s moan echoes and travels some distance, even when there are just some roaming stragglers, this can create a very dangerous situation.

Always have an escape route available, no matter what the scenario. When faced with a zombie horde, you may be motivated to fight, but even as you tire, they keep coming. The best strategy when faced with multiple zombies is to flee. Remember, combating zombies should be strategic. Don’t be afraid of losing ground by falling back – this is not your grandfather’s war. Survive these critical years and nature will do the rest.

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Conditioning: 5 Exercises To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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Techniques are nothing without the conditioning to effectively implement them.

In a time when you will be forced into small or limited quarters, a proper approach to conditioning for that environment and new way of life is necessary for long-term survival.

Here are some key exercises for your daily regimen to keep you in optimal zombieocalypse shape:

NOTE: Stretch thoroughly before each exercise. You cannot risk pulling a muscle in these times.

#1. Run In Place – Aerobic exercise will become more critical in the zombie apocalypse. Running is the one thing that may keep you alive from zombies in the early stages. Though uncoordinated, they can still be fast, and most certainly a threat. This should be your go to exercise, but only attempt this if you can be sure that you will not make any noise. Try with socks to keep yourself from being heard by the roaming undead.

#2. Lunges/ Squats – This exercise will focus your muscles on power. This will help in those critical moments when sprinting is the only thing that will create some distance between you and the undead. Go slow on the way down and fast and powerful on the way back up to standing position, careful not to lose correct posture and technique.

#3. Pushups/ Wall Pushups – A strong upper body will help you defend yourself against zombies, especially in the latter stages of decomposition. You must be fast and you must be strong. No matter what their level of decomposition, they are still as dedicated as they ever were to making you a meal. Pushups – all the way down. It should take you 3-4 seconds on the way down. Get back up in half a second. This will train your muscles for that powerful force when needed.

#4. Crunches – A strong core is not only important, but absolutely necessary. A combination of 1.Crunches. 2. Pelvic thrusts – legs in air and arms to side for support. 3. Leg raises – lay flat and lift legs until perpendicular with your body, then slowly lower back down.
Avoid sit-ups (going all the way up to your knees), as they will only risk injury of the back.

#5. The Plank – This is an excellent exercise for upper body and core strength. This move works the arms, back, abs (also targeting your internal abdominal muscles) and legs. Lie on your stomach with your elbows on the floor pulled in to your body. Push your body off of the floor, with your weight resting on your elbows or hands. Contract the abs and keep the body in straight like a plank. Hold for as long as you can.

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