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Multiple Zombie Attackers

Posted by 401AK47 | A Zombie Survival Plan in Combat Techniques, Multiple Attackers

Remember, in many cases you will be faced with multiple zombies. Though they are not of the herd mentality, due to the nature of a zombie, they tend to follow their instincts. In doing so, a zombie will be attracted by sight (any movement they see), sound (this could be anything from a twig snapping to another zombie’s moan), and scent. A zombie’s sense of smell is incredibly acute, as it is probably the most dominant sense that a zombie has to rely on, to sift out the living flesh from the dead.

This in turn, is what would attract multiple zombies in an area to a single source, a single target. One zombie senses the presence of living flesh, moans, and another within hearing distance does the same. This is how a zombie herd begins and continues to grow. If say, the zombie’s moan echoes and travels some distance, even when there are just some roaming stragglers, this can create a very dangerous situation.

Always have an escape route available, no matter what the scenario. When faced with a zombie horde, you may be motivated to fight, but even as you tire, they keep coming. The best strategy when faced with multiple zombies is to flee. Remember, combating zombies should be strategic. Don’t be afraid of losing ground by falling back – this is not your grandfather’s war. Survive these critical years and nature will do the rest.

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