A Very Zombie Christmas

//A Very Zombie Christmas

A Very Zombie Christmas

Everyone loves the holidays. Of course, if you’re like us…your favorite holiday has already come and gone – Halloween.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are cool. We love to eat and get presents as much as the next guy. Of course, that still doesn’t change the fact that they’re basically riding Halloween’s coat tails.

So let’s bring a little zombie cheer to Christmas to make this the most kick-ass Christmas yet…and may you have yourself a very Zombie Christmas!

plants vs. zombies holiday Christmas tree ornaments
Plants vs. Zombies Christmas Ornaments
gingerbread man zombie Christmas ornament
Gingerbread Zombie, Zombie Stocking, and Zombie Misletoe Christmas Ornaments
abominable snowman zombie figure
Abominable Snowman Zombie
zombie snowman figurine closeup
zombie snowman figurine
Zombie Snowman
zombie christmas card
zombie christmas cards
Christmas Cards via Nerd Approved
Zombie Santa Art Painting
Santa slaying zombies - zombie slaying Santa
zombie carried by sled | drunk santa with zombie
the last Christmas zombie art | comic book art
real zombie santa cartoon
zombie santa claus art
zombie santa claus - zombie walk santa
undead zombie santa
zombie santa with body part presents

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