5 Ways To Avoid Being Infected By The Zombie Virus

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Zombie preparation is important

Preparing for the living dead is critical



The more prepared you are now for the coming zombie apocalypse, the better your chances of not only surviving the harsh environment and becoming a self-sustained survivalist, but escaping becoming that which we fight. The more prepared you are now will determine how many risks you’ll need to take to obtain ideal shelter, food and weapons.

Right choices for killing zombies

important decision when killing zombies



Every decision you make in the zombie apocalypse is an important one. From where and when to stop when traveling, to rationing, to who you’ll trust in these times. Every step is crucial!

Purell hand sanitizing

Can't risk getting sick during the zombie apocalypse



Hand sanitation is extremely important. With water becoming more of a luxury and being sick is a risk to yourself and your team, Purell is a necessary addition to your survival inventory and day-to-day apocalypse habits.

Clothes for surviving a zombie attack

Protective clothing for your fight and survival against zombies



It will happen – a zombie will surprise you, catch you off guard. The roaming undead are everywhere and there’s only one of you. Protective clothing WILL save your life.

what to do when someone has been bitten by a zombie

Friend or loved one infected with zombie virus



If a friend or loved one is showing signs of having been bitten / infected – take ’em out! Mourn later.

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  1. floridapossum (22 Feb 2011, 22:14)

    Since I am a Registered Nurse and have been for over thirty years, and also I wrote a short story that will be coming out some time this year, titled, “Med of the Dead or How to Survive Long Enough to Get Eaten”, I feel I may able to advise or contribute in this section if ever needed. In addition I am fairly skilled at primitive camping. Just sayin!

    • admin (23 Feb 2011, 10:54)

      You’re an excellent asset to our group of zombie survivalists, indeed! I’m sure your experience in the medical profession will serve well and I can’t wait to check out your book. Let me know when it hits the shelves!

  2. Chuck (24 Apr 2011, 12:41)

    I don’t think we are going to fight reanimated zombies… I think we are going to survive against more of the psychological zombie: brainwashed people programed to kill others. This is a good survival website though 😀

  3. John (11 Jul 2011, 21:22)

    I disagree on the hand sanitizer, If you never fight infections, your immune system becomes weak, Save your hand sanitizer for cleaning wounds.

  4. jon (20 Dec 2012, 9:29)

    you guys should make a printer friendly version so i can print it off

    • admin (27 Dec 2012, 16:09)

      @Jon We got your back…just put a ‘Print Friendly’ button on the bottom of each post.

  5. Wes Remington (22 Feb 2013, 19:55)

    This suggestion could be categorized under intelligent decision making, but I would like to emphasize avoiding cities, suburbs, and any densely populated areas. This is common sense, but it all comes down to numbers. When there are a lot of people in one area, then there are a lot of people that may turn into zombies, then you have a lot of zombies. The odds of coming into contact with a large horde greatly increase, the closer you get to highly populated areas.

    6. The wilderness is your friend. Stay away from cities!

  6. Haydn (13 Apr 2015, 14:31)

    Hey, where can I buy that body armor?

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