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Deadlight: New Zombie Video Game

Posted 31 Aug 2012 in Zombie News and Events
Deadlight Zombie Game

Complete with zombies and intense visuals, Deadlight ($20) is a zombie apocalypse quest set in mid 80’s Seattle.

You play as Randall, a man who has been seperated from his family just as an infectious virus is spreading throughout the world. The infected undead, or “shadows” as they’re called in this case are the result of this virus.

Deadlight game









Check out the Deadlight Trailer:

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Play Dead: Dogs vs. Zombies Short Film

Posted 30 Aug 2012 in Zombie News and Events

Play Dead is an 18 minute short film by Kickstarter about…well, dogs vs. zombies. Based on the title of the film,
you may not take it too seriously…but it’s worth a watch. It may sound strange, but this short film does such a good job of portraying such a wide array of emotions (with plenty of gore) in a matter of minutes.

Watch Play Dead here:

Play Dead (2012) FULL MOVIE from Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes on Vimeo.

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Zombie Teaser Photos

Posted 24 Aug 2012 in Zombie News and Events

From new characters Michonne and The Governor to a preview of The Walking Dead Season 3 zombies!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Season 3 Michonne

The Walking Dead Season 3 The Governor

The Walking Dead Zombie Makeup 1

The Walking Dead Zombie Makeup 2

The Walking Dead Zombie Makeup 3

The Walking Dead Zombie Makeup 4

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Best Zombie Tattoos

Posted 23 Aug 2012 in Zombie News and Events
George Romero Tattoo

Ok, let me add a disclaimer to the title. These are the best zombie tattoos I’ve seen so far…and to be honest, there are so many awesome zombie tats out there that deserve some recognition, it was a chore narrowing them down to under 60.

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Zombie Weapons from Mark

Posted 22 Aug 2012 in Your Zombie Weapons
gsg-5 long rifle with accessories

gsg-5 .22lr | gsg-5 long rifle
Pictured: GSG-5 .22 lr Assault Rifle

A .22 lr is a great choice for the zombie apocalypse (due to the abudancy of the round and accuracy of the weapons), escpecially if it’s the GSG-5.
Designed from the ground up to be similar to the MP5 (same controls and similar appearance), the GSG-5 .22lr is an affordable alternative to the larger round weapons that we all love, with marksman accuracy.

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Zombie Weapons from Jerry O.

Posted 16 Aug 2012 in Your Zombie Weapons
Wolverine skeleton | Real adimantium skeleton

Wolverine Claws Real

Pictured: Adimantium Claws (and mutant with regeneration abilities)

I don’t think anyone can argue that having Wolverine’s gifts for regeneration combined with an indestructable adimantium skeleton with razor sharp claws would fair poorly in the zombie apocalypse.

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Walt Disney Zombies Princesses

Posted 14 Aug 2012 in Zombie News and Events

Happily ever after is turned upside down with these illustrations by Witit Karpkraikaew, who took classic Disney princess characters and reimagined them as zombies. Now undead and decayed, these zombie princesses (including Snow White, Cinderella, and Ariel), may not be getting their Prince Charming after all.

Snow White and the Huntsman | Huntsman must kill zombie Snow White

Cinderella Story Zombified | Zombie Cinderella Illustration

Ariel Disney Princess Zombie | Zombie Ariel Illustration

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The Walking Dead Zombies Are Coming to Universal Studios

Posted 10 Aug 2012 in Zombie News and Events

It’s official. Terror Tram: Invaded By The Walking Dead is going to be Universal Studios’ new attraction!

Terror Tram | Universal Studios Zombie Attraction

I’m personally excited about this. I’ve been to Knott’s Scary Farm soley to check out their zombie walk through. Needless to say, I was not impressed. The only cool part was the zombie in the first room, who actually took the time to act out the role properly.
Every other zombie encounter was typical of 99.9% of the encounters at Knott’s Scary Farm…lame.

The new Universal Studios attraction with The Walking Dead zombies has potencial to blow Knott’s out of the water. Check it out…
Universal is including this attraction in their Halloween Horror Nights starting this September. It will be running from September 21st – October 31st.
Here’s where it starts to get good. There won’t be the one zombie hiding in the shadows, jumping out to scare you…swiftly returning to scare the next chap or chick. There will be ZOMBIE HORDES!!

Universal’s back lot will be transformed into a a rural town, like one you’d see on The Walking Dead, destroyed by a plan crash. This “Terror Tram” attraction
will take you face to face with the Walkers that inhabit this area. Not only that, but there will be a couple maze additions as well. One call “The Walking Dead: Dead Inside,” setting you up in a maze full of zombies and leaving you to find your way out! The other

No more casual walk-throughs. This is the real deal. If you love zombies, this sounds like a can’t miss.

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Posted 07 Aug 2012 in Zombie News and Events
star wars zombies | yoda and luke zombies

star wars zombies | yoda and luke zombies






















(Click to zoom to full size)

Via MartyDMF

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Undead Warehouse Tee Giveaway

Posted 07 Aug 2012 in Zombie News and Events




Would you like a chance at winning a zombie tee of your choice?

It’s so easy a zombie could do it, and you can increase your chances of winning every day!

After you do everything below, come back every day and Tweet to get another entry.

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zombie tee giveaway - win zombie merchandise

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