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Zombie Apocalypse

What is the Zombie Apocalypse? The Z-Apocalypse is the state of the world as it is overrun by zombies. As the infection of the zombie virus spreads, it becomes a plague of the likes we have never seen. From Patient 0, it is estimated that it will take anywhere from 4 to 7 months before the undead outnumber the living. For the months to follow, it will be a daily fight for survival as the undead continue to gain in numbers. Decay does not come fast enough. Seasons are looked upon not as a gauge for what shoes you might wear [...]

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Zombie Virus

Though a virus is more susceptible to environmental conditions, they tend to evolve very quickly. This adaptability lends itself to evolve to strains with higher tolerances to outside variables and higher risk of infection, especially if the zombie virus has its origins as a form of bio-chemical terrorism. The Zombie Virus, which we refer to as the MAD Flu (Motor Ascendency of Dependent), having reference to Mad Cow Disease and meaning a complete motor function authority shift, in which the virus is completely in control of, and dependent  on the human brain. Infection would occur by direct fluidic contact. Being that [...]

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Rise of the MAD Flu: Day 1

Let me start by saying that I’m sick of the media feeding on our fears. It seems they’ll stop at nothing for ratings; embellishments, omitting facts, creating entire stories based on a grain of salt. Whatever happened to honest reporting? Well, that’s why I’m writing this. We can no longer take what the major outlets try to pass off as truth. Those days are gone. Let me begin by introducing myself and lay out what you can expect from me. My name is Nathan. I’m a designer for an online retailer and, given my occupation, I felt like contributing something more, [...]